Short Stories

This here page will display short stories from various video game lore. Some titles have incredible backstories, sometimes written by professional authors hired by the company to flesh our backstory, characters and conflict throughout the campaign. These sci’fi adventures are full of opportunities for fans and followers to expand on the drama, romance and tragedy.

Many sites feature forums or pages of such fanfiction, from movies, books and games- however here I will develope side stories of my own. I accept nothing I write will be considered canon or be endorsed by the right holders to the lore origins. That’s fine. This is firstly for fun, and secondly to give me a chance to flex my creative writing while giving my finished tales a home. A home I hope readers will enjoy. Perhaps in the future I’ll have a nice collection of short features to add to my portfolio.

As always, the focus is on PC games. As of writing this I have ideas for the following titles:




-Command and Conquer

-Half Life

-World of Tanks


I’ll of course be adding new games soon, there are so many out there that I’d love to write about.

-Stay tuned-


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