Non-non Player Character (NNPC)

I now propose you with the following algebraic equation:

Non (negative) + Non (negative) + Player + Character = ?

Player Character of course!

Math was never my strong suite.

Nonetheless my answer sums up this fun page. I make a character to live in the video game world he or she is programmed into. I walk, eat, sleep and not just adventure in the world, but inhabit and be part of it as well. Essentially making an NPC… but for me, the player. So- NNPC? (I guess PNPC would have worked as well but then I couldn’t have made the math joke)

I originally got the idea from PCGamer when they ran this series of articles by Christopher Livingston and his adventures of Nordrick who lives in Skyrim. It’s a hilarious series which gave me all sorts of ideas for something similar and with other games as well. He ran a longer and equally excellent non-adventure called Livin’ in Oblivion– be sure to check them out.

The rules are… THERE ARE NO RULES!

I’ve always wanted to say that. If there were no rules my mild mannered NPC freaks would do something silly like run off and do some quests or slay dragons or something exciting.


I will pretend to play a pretend character in the following pretend games:

Diablo I
Diablo II

World of Warcraft

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Far Cry 2

Silent Hunter III

Yes eight titles. However the Diablo series and Far Cry 2 probably won’t be terribly lengthy. Those three are for giggles. For myself anyway, you don’t have to read them. In fact, don’t. They’re bad.

The Elder Scrolls series will probably be the most immerse experience, even more so with the newest game Skyrim. However I wanted to give my future NPC- er NNPC’s other real life people to butt heads with hence WoW. That should be interesting!

And Silent Hunter because why the hell not?

Ideally when I get started on this project each of the game worlds above will be a clicky to their own page full of specific information and rules along with NNPC links for the non-adventure!

Crazy! Er- calm!

P.S. I invented the term NNPC, I want that on record. Go ahead and feel free to use it, but royalties are $1,000,000 per use.

-stay tuned-


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