NNPC Diablo I

Diablo I

This is the forefather of my NNPC empire. Future NNPC’s in The Elder Scrolls XXIII: Nords in Space will look back and think of their great great great9999 grand father: Joe the… plumber?!

Game engine wise, this is a horrible test bed. There really aren’t any role playing elements to this game; you can’t even toggle run/walk!

I chose Diablo I not so much for the gameplay but to practice my writing and workon developing my skills in character backstory, taking screenshots, page layout and design and general getting my NNPC page in order.

Unfortunatly I cannot set too many rules. There is no food to eat or options to sleep. No inn to hang out in and get hammered or various real NPC’s to shoot the shit with.

So what can I do? Well for starters I can create an interesting character set in the world of Diablo. Which I have and will introduce you to him soon. Second, my character will adventure into the depths of the Cathedral in the safest sense possible. He will advance slowly, cautiously and probably develope many fears, phobias and pyschological problems.

Who knows how this will go. But I’m looking forward to giving it a try. I’ll introduce you to my character and we’ll get started!

Out of the three available classes of Warrior, Rogue and Sorcerer I chose the former. His name is Joseph and he’s an underground waterway mason specialist- in essense, a plumber! He was recently contracted out by a name in Tristram named Pepin. Something is wrong with the water in town. It’s been…. tainted? Now it’s up to Joe the Plumber to take a look!

Part I: Arrival

Part II: Cathedral Basement

Part III: Investigation

Part IV: Preparations

Part V: Cathedral Explore

Part VI: Dungeon Montage


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